Choosing The Most Suitable Glasses

Choosing The Most Suitable Glasses For Your Features

When people first see you and talk to you, they notice your features, not the shoes you’re wearing or the bag you are carrying. Which eye wear glasses you wear therefore can make an impression, and it is essential to find the correct eye wear glasses for the shape and size of your face.

Below are remarkable tips on how to choose the most suitable eye wear glasses for your particular face.

Oval features: this is the perfect face shape, ordinarily symmetric and overall has a flat shape. Glasses worn should equally be balanced and in the correct proportion. You should make sure that the glasses frame is suitably sized and does not overwhelm your face. The glasses(urmaker kristiansand) frame should be as wide as the broadest part of your face. Usually, spectacles frames that are straight and centered present better than glasses arms that are low or have a bend in as they can create an unbalanced and out of proportion look.

Square features: this shape of the face is often characterized by a large chain and a square forehead. When looking for spectacles, the objective should be to select a spectacles frame that can make the frontal perspective of the face appear longer. Glasses frames that have soft lines or curves can help to soften the straighter lines of the face and to exaggerate the curves and shape of the cheekbone. Modern, small glasses can help to separate the squareness of the face and to lengthen the perspective. Oval glasses lenses can also achieve this although it is preferred that the arms of the glasses are hinged in the center of the glasses frame.

Round face: this shape appears to have similar widths and lengths and to contain very few angles to catch people’s attention. It is, therefore, better to try to find glasses(synstest kristiansand) that offset the fullness of the face and inject an area of focus and in particular angle of focus in front of your eyes. This also helps to make a face look much thinner. Ideally, then you should look for glasses that are angular and preferably oblong; try to avoid larger sizes of lenses or glasses that have a square or rounded square shape as these will tend to exaggerate the roundness of the face.

Overall, the most important thing when choosing spectacles from your optitians(optiker kristiansand) is to find a pair of glasses that suit you and that you are comfortable in wearing every day. They should give you confidence when looking people in the eye that the glasses are complementing the shape of your face and style rather than exaggerating features that you may be trying to minimize. A good rule of finger is to look for glasses that contrast easily with the shape of your face so for example if you have a face that is more angular and square shaped, try to find glasses that have rounded lenses or glasses frames rather than large or square spectacles.

If you are putting so much thought into the style of glasses that make the best of your features and give you the greatest confidence when looking people in the eye, it is a good idea to consider also getting an antireflective coating on the glasses lenses. When greeting people, they will be able to see more clearly into your eyes, and better eye contact often means a more confident experience. These coatings also help you as the wearer as they can diminish reflections and improve visual acuity, particularly at night and especially when driving. For the same reason, try to avoid tinted glasses during the daytime if you are concerned about how you appear to new people when you meet them. Nowadays optitians( are well trained in helping you pick the right glasses for you, if you’re at all concerned may be take a friend with you to help you decide on the perfect pair for you.